Thursday, June 22, 2006

summer is here

Shot some softball action last night, but shot these while I was waiting for the games to start. Think these might have been the best shots of the night. My mind was elsewhere.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Day at the Races

Went to the Grand Prix of Portland on Sunday. This has become a Fathers day tradition for my buddies and I, what a way to spend father's day, completely with out kids, just beer and cars and genuine male bonding! Our wives wouldn't know what to do with us if we didn't do this, it's somethng of a day off for them too, as they get together and do the same same thing, only they do women things, they call it scrapbooking. Really they kick ther kids outside to play and they drink and make fun of their hubbies. A good day for all involved.

Anyway back to the races. This year it was overcast, comfortable, but made the light a little soft and the color doesn't pop like it does when it's bright and sunny. Probably the best shots I have access to are from the pits. But even from there there is alot of clutter and and a person has tro stay out of the way, unless you have a photo pass, maybe next year. These would be really cool if I could animate a series from the pit stops, I shot off about 15-25 shots on a couple of the stops and you get a real appreciattion of how synchonized and how hard these team work when you can see the progression of the stops. Will post a few here now and probably a couple latter.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Since my last 2 post post were of my youngest 2 kids, it would seem that the next post would be of the oldest. However, I don't seem to have the kinds of pics of him that I want to put up. Maybe I'll have to sit him down with a backdrop and try something formal. He's old enough He might let me do that without driving me crazy.

Instead I thought I would post these shots I took on Sunday out at the farm. Berry vines and blossoms always seem to catch my eye. Maybe it's because they seem to pop-up in place that are untended or forgotten, and they add an accent to those notions. I thought the old barn wood would make a nice backdrop for the leaves, the green and red the old wood and the new growth....the soft light seemed to fit the mood I was in. Don't know if they work, but they are kinda growing on me.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


A couple shots of my middle kid, Brett. he's a pretty good ball player, when he wants to be. He also plays a mean fiddle. The hair cut he recently got makes him look way older. Kinda like an 8 year old looking closer to 18!

Friday, June 02, 2006


I've been slacking on taking pictures of my own kids lately. So when I had a day off this week I thought it might be a good idea and take some shots of my daughter Amy. She was less than cooperative, she was actually a little bent that I was slacking on the pushing. Anyway these are the highlights. Man I hate having to pay other people to get decent shots of my kids, but it seems that's the way it goes.