Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Couple more shots from our cruise. Both of these shot are from Manzinillo. I was very hesitant to go into this town. Where the ship was parked it was industrial shipping containers cranes freight cominging and going, I had my doubts about this place. Nancy and her folks went into town to do some shopping and had good things to say about the downtown area, so I went. I could have wandered arounf this place for a while, it was one of those places that I was wishing I had something more than just a point and shoot. The houses built into the hillside intruiged me, one next the other with a stair way clear up to the top off the hill. I want to go back and walk these stairs and watch as the light passes over them. The other shot is and example of the decorative iron work that was all over the place, you can see the the iron work on the windows in the other shot too, I could spend a lot of time exploring these designs, it was very cool.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Beautiful Sunday morning today. Too bad I have to work. A long time frame with very few teams, what a way to spend a Sunday. Wouldn't mind so much but it's in Beaverton, and I've decided that there isn't anything to take pictures there. Instead of hauling the Hoss around I think I'll take the Holga and see what happens.
This shot is a Holga shot, one of the few I have digitized. Not sure there is much irrigation equipment sitting around the city of Beavers, but the Holga can transform the oridinary, if you look at it right. Have a nice day.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My show has been up at the Silver Creek Coffee House now for a couple weeks, and will be there thru the month of April. The show consists of 12 traditional black and white prints, and 15 color prints which are all digital. The image shown here is the only one that's sold so far. Not sure what to make of that other than maybe a coffeee house isn't the place to sell a photograph. I'm pretty happy with the presentation, and it's pretty cool to walk down the street and see the sandwich board outside of the shop that say Artist of the Month Ted Miller, Jr.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spring Break

What a week last week was. Went to on a cruise on the West Coast of Mexico, San Diego to Alcapuco and then other stops at Ixtapa and Manzinillo. I had no idea what to expect, was thinking it was going to be resort touristy, and to a degree it was, but it was also old and weathered and hard and hot. I didn't take any of my cameras, rather I used my mother-in-laws point and shoot did the job for the most part, a couple times I was wishing I had the 20-D. I might have to go back to manzinillo and spend some time there, the dragon street lights really caught my attention, as did the wrought iron work in the window of the apartments. An old town homes built on a hill accessed by stairs. I can show you better when I get back from my next trip there. The shots: Alcapuco from the ship,
the dragons on the street light in Manzinillo, our ship tendered of the coast of Ixtapa...more will follow. In the meantime I'm trying to get ready for a showing this Friday at the Silver Creek Coffee House and Wine Bar...wish me luck!